Over the past couple years the number of products to hit the market has been staggering! Everything we carry, we actually use in one way or another. We test products with small initial orders to decide if they live up to their hype so we can provide our customers with relevant information and an honest opinion from one vaper to another.
I can not begin to tell you how many emails I receive on a daily basis for the "Newest...Biggest...Redesigned...Best" products coming to market. A lot of them are simply another version of something, occasonally something really is new, and even less occasionally it really is as good as it claims. Not all of our products will be listed here so keep checking back to see what's new.
  1. eVic VT Temperature control vaping here we come!
  2. Reuleaux, Wismec, Joyetech, Hannya, Atty Cubed, JayBo, Jay Bo, 200 watts, 200watts, 200 watt, 200watt, temperature control, vape, vaping, vaper, vapor
    Reuleaux RX200 designed by JayBo! Talk about some serious horsepower!
  3. Bottle Rocket by Magic Flight, the perfect companion for FB or MD!
  4. Cubis by Joyetech (they're still trying to work out "red" obviously lol).
  5. Noisy Cricket & Indestructible RDA both by Jaybo!
  6. Uwell Rafale "gust of wind" is correct with this impressive airflow!
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